Трафарет номер 14

Screen printing also uses a stencil process, as does mimeography. Mini anything is always cuter. (via Jo Cooks) 5. Stenciled Pie Crust: A stencil on top of a pie crust — who would have thought? An artist can use the crust as their canvas and then eat it. Visit us often for new wall stencil ideas and inspiration on our Stencil Ideas Blog! Хорошая вещь, четко выполняет поставленную задачу. Но у меня была немного другая задача, и впечатление от ‘>>’ из funcparserlib. Keep it up. Or we’ll get your imagination cooking with 14 of our favorite pie crust designs. 1. Fall Leaf Pie Crust: You’ve got plenty of time to perfect this before Thanksgiving.

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